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Monday, October 6, 2014

Colorful Colorado: Aspen Leaf Peeping on Highway 165

                                       Fall From Inside Abandoned Homestead On Highway 165

One of the many joys of living in Colorado is being able to take off on a fall day trip and enjoy some leaf peeping.

In the over two decades that we've enjoyed Colorado, this is the first time we've chosen State Highway 165. And we're glad we did. There are certainly more well-known and spectacular views on other roads. But even at the height of leaf peeping (Oct. 5) the highway had very light traffic and ample opportunities to pull over and take pictures and enjoy the crisp, but balmy mountain air.

SH 165 starts at the junction of SH 96, about 15 miles east of Silver Cliff. Continue on SH 165 and you'll drive by the unique attraction of Bishop's Castle and also eventually hit stunning San Isabel Lake.

                                             Leaf Peeping And Some Great Rock Formations

Yet another bonus of the mostly undiscovered SH 165 is there are two roads to the tiny town of Beulah that intersect. Both roads are rather rough and a 4-wheel drive or high-clearance vehicle is recommended.

                                                                 Uncrowded Views

Like most highways off the beaten track in Colorado, there is always something unique to discover. The altitudes on this road reach well over 9,000 feet, so bring plenty of water. There aren't many amenities along this stretch of SH 165 and the only opportunities for food are drink are a concession stand at Bishop's Castle and a good restaurant by Lake San Isabel.

                              A Lone Aspen Makes A Statement Above An Abandoned Homestead

pictures and text submitted by D. H. of southern Colorado

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