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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Florence, CO: Sandy Dale & The Gnarlies Smackdown Valve Cover Race

It's a grudge match! Now, this blog doesn't go around spreading gossip--so you'd better make sure and listen the first time. I have it on good authority that the usually peaceful artistic genius, Sandy Dale and The Gnarlies (also peaceful and loving) are still experiencing the slight agony of defeat of last year's Florence Car Show in the valve cover races.

Sandy said her valve cover car didn't even place--but she had a good time. This year she and The Gnarlies are planning on a good time again--but are stepping up their game to be victorious in the race.

When she slammed, I mean gently placed on the counter of ye olde antique mall-- a deluxe repurposed lunchbox (translated: lean, mean speed carrying case for The Gnarlies and their smoking-hot valve cover car) I knew she meant business.

Yeah! See it right there. on the carrying case: GNARLIES, NEED FOR SPEED.

Florence artisan Sandy Dale picked her three fastest Gnarlies to compete in the May 22 valve cover race.

It's going to be an epic smackdown of WWE proportions. Or maybe not. But I like my version of events better.

You can tell I'm a Gnarlies fan. I could have just taken one picture. But the guys were speeding around the counter so fast, I had to snap multiple pictures so I could capture the speed. Not really. But that's the kind of smack they talk in grudge matches and such.

Oh, yeah! Us Gnarlies have been practicing on roller coasters and drinking raw eggs to train for this epic race.

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