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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Florence, Colorado: Jane Fonda & Robert Redford & Some Feisty People

Oh my! I've lived in Colorado for many decades and besides the scenery, the people are often what make this place so special.

Recently when I heard that Florence, Colorado was chosen as the town to film the Netflix movie, Our Souls At Night, starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford--I was pleasantly surprised. I can't deny that Fonda and Redford are great actors. And I am a fan of the late Kent Haruf, the Colorado author of the book, the movie is based on.

But there are some feisty people out there in my beloved Colorado.

My first clue was when I was driving to my bank in Florence and I saw someone had gotten some white shoe polish and written, "Go Home Hanoi Jane" on their SUV. My first thought was,"Heck, Fremont County is pretty feisty. I had no idea."

I admit the Hanoi Jane incidents were a bit before my time. I was alive then, but just graduating from high school when the Vietnam War was totally over. So, I had to look it up online last week.

I like to balance facts and see both sides. What Fonda did seemed a bit incomprehensible to me. But I saw where she made public apologies. People have long memories though.

I  told a coworker about the, Go Home Hanoi Jane SUV, and her comment was,"Already?"

My coworker already has a section in ye olde antiques store devoted to Robert Redford and Jane Fonda and is also planning on offering copies of Our Souls At Night for sale. So, I had no idea she also had strong feelings about the subject.

She said her brother was in the Vietnam War and Fonda had spread some information that put him and his fellow soldiers in danger. She said she would have been so angry if he had died because of that. Of course. She said her brother has never forgotten.

But she had the attitude that this is the here and now, and she's preparing for an event that will showcase Florence to the whole world.

That's my attitude too. But I empathize with how people feel.

I had no idea how many people had direct or indirect experience with Jane Fonda's activities.

And today the news hit the major local media outlets that there was a casting call for extras for the movie. And the comment boards were lighting up. People indeed have long memories.

I won't recount any of the Hanoi Jane comments. Even though I have my political opinions, I won't recount all the negative comments about liberals.

But I will recount this one found on a Colorado media comment section: "The filming will take place in Florence. She's 78, he's 80. The title of the movie is "Our Souls at Night," not "Two Leathery Old People Try to Breathe at High Altitude," as originally proposed.

Oh my! Such feisty Colorado folks!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Florence, Colorado: Jane Fonda Robert Redford Production Crew In Town Today

The production crew for the Jane Fonda and Robert Redford movie to be filmed in Florence, Colorado where in town today.

Now, I am happy to say, that even though I had little clue I would meet any of the crew, that I did conduct myself as would be befitting  a ye olde antiques shop worker.

I was minding my own business. You know, answering phone calls. Greeting customers. Ringing up sales. Having a great time as I usually do being surrounded by happy customers and browsers and lots of cool antiques.

One of my antiques buddies, who also has a small rental space in ye olde antiques shop came zipping in to tell me that the production crew was a few doors down in another shop.

"Cool," I replied.

"Yeah!" he enthused," When I heard what they were doing in there, I went up and asked if I could be an extra."

"You didn't!?"

"I did!"

"And what did they say?"

"They looked at me like I was crazy."

"OK, what did they really say?"

"They said that wasn't their area."

Ah, the hopes of another antiques dealer's dreams of 15 seconds of fame--squashed.

I did read in a few newspaper reports that it would be announced when and if there were opportunities for extras. Extras, not stalkers. LOL!

My antiques buddy is not a stalker, but they probably didn't know that.

For those of you who don't know, Florence has been chosen for filming of a Netflix movie based on Kent Haruf's novel, Our Souls At Night. The late Haruf was a Colorado resident.

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford will be in town sometime in September. They are wonderful actors. And they seem like lovely people. I wonder if they are ready for Florence, though.

                                 JANE FONDA & ROBERT REDFORD: Ready For Florence, Colorado?

Shortly after my stalker buddy, I mean my antiques friend, left--several members of the production crew came in ye olde antiques store. I could immediately tell they were interested in vintage items, not extras, for the movie. That's why they occasionally let me work in ye olde antiques store, because I can usually discern what people want.

They were looking to rent some items for filming, so I put them in touch with the owner of the items.

Apparently filming will be starting around Sept. 12, but no firm shooting schedule is set right now.

Even though the items the crew was inquiring about renting, were not my items, I recalled that many years ago, I sold many items to a set decorator for Drew Barrymore's film, Riding In The Car With Boys.

I sold the items via Ebay. The items were to go in a scene of a vintage store. I still have the receipt.

 I was excited to see my items in the movie. Of course, I rushed to see the movie and see my handpicked items that some set decorator loved.


But it was still exciting.

 And I hope I get to see the items I work around in Florence,  actually in a movie. Please, don't cut that scene. LOL!

Florence, Colorado: Will Anyone Buy An Entire House Of Antiques?

Florence, Colorado is the official antiques capital of Colorado.

Most every time I work at ye olde antiques store I either get a few phone calls or in-person visits from people wanting to sell a few antiques.

Today I got a call from a professional "downsizer" who was helping an elderly client, well, downsize.

She was calling from Manitou Springs (about 35 minutes from Florence) which borders on Colorado Springs.

The downsizer told me there wasn't much of a market in Colorado Springs, which is about 100 times the size of Florence.

I thought about that for a moment. It's true Colorado Springs has many very nice antiques malls. But malls are usually made up of numerous dealers with rather small spaces. They simply, often, don't have the room or resources to buy an entire houseful of antiques.

And this lady was offering the potential for someone to buy the entire houseful of mint-condition European antiques.

I could tell the downsizer wasn't exactly sure if she was calling the right town. She was.

She wasn't sure anyone would be able to handle so many big pieces. I told her that Florence had the advantage of having several shop owners who are sole proprietors and have large amounts of floor space and storage facilities.

I also told her that a few of the stores have large shop trucks that can handle moving large pieces or entire households.

Let me assure you, Florence is the right town to call when you want to sell or buy antiques.

If you want a few insights (totally my opinions) about selling antiques and collectibles, you can read a previous blog post at:

Now, I don't give names of which stores of who buys what on this blog--but tips on how to find out are in that other blog post.

First, it helps to know who specializes in what. And when you call most any shop in Florence, or the Chamber of Commerce or any related business, they will generally know and steer you in the right direction.

There is a spirit of cooperation in Florence, and if someone isn't interested in an entire household or a certain speciality, they often know who is--and will make sure you connect with the right person.

Florence Colorado: Start Spreading The News

Let's face reality. Most small towns in Colorado (or anywhere for that matter) don't have big advertising budgets.

Florence is the official antiques capital of Colorado. True. But how many people really know that?

What I do know is that visitors to Florence are often the ones who attempt to spread the news far and wide about what exactly is in Florence.

Today a regular visitor to Florence stopped by ye olde antiques shop and told me she took a nice pile of brochures to her hometown of Colorado Springs. Now I won't mention if she took it to the Chamber of Commerce or the Visitor's Bureau or a similar organization. I know. But around here we don't kiss and tell. We just kiss.

All this lady hoped to do was spread the word about Florence. She has no connections to Florence other than she loves to visit regularly from her home in the Springs, about half an hour's drive away.

She was told that unless she was a member of the organization, she would be unable to leave any brochures.

This enthusiastic Florence booster was undeterred and told two volunteers at unnamed organization that she'd leave them some brochures for their own use. She then asked them if they knew what was in Florence. No, neither of them knew.

Of course, my jaw dropped. I lived in the Springs for over 20 years and knew about Florence many moons ago by virtue of hopping in my car and exploring--without reading an ad or brochure or word of mouth.


So, thanks to the customer today, who told me her story about spreading the news of Florence, Colorado.

And don't you dare tell me you haven't heard of Florence, Colorado. Either read the rest of the blog for just a glimpse into the town. Or go to the Florence Chamber of Commerce page. Or Google Florence. You'll be surprised that a town of under 4,000 has so much going on.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jane Fonda & Robert Redford Trotting To Florence Colorado

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford  are coming to Florence. Florence Colorado. Not Italy.

I obviously have a modest blog that focuses primarily on our fair burg. And you'd think I'd be among the first to know. Nope. I just found out today.

My first reaction when I was told was, that it was hilarious because on the days they are scheduled to be here, I will be working at ye olde antiques shop on Florence's Main Street. And a few of my of my co-workers will be out of town on long-ago scheduled vacations, leaving me and another co-worker to take care of business.

I called my co-worker to tell her the news and she was like, "Yeah."

I was like: "Don't you think there will be 50,000 or so extra people in town gawking and we'll be a bit overwhelmed?"

She didn't seem to care on way or the other. "I really don't care. I'm not the kind of person who cares if Elvis is in the building," she said.

Well, I wasn't worried about Elvis or even Jane and Robert. I was slightly concerned that with crowds of extra folks, we'd be running our geriatric feet off trying to sell beverages, antiques and collectibles.

For those of you who don't live in Florence, there are several festivals and happenings of note. But the biggest is Pioneer Days, complete with a parade and Junktique, an open-air market. Pioneer Days, Sept. 17 to 19 this year, usually fills the town to capacity even without a few movie stars in the mix.

Jane and Robert, reportedly will start filming during Pioneer Days and will be either in the parade or filming against the backdrop of it. Other scenes will also be shot in Florence.

They will be filming the eagerly-awaited Netflix film, Our Souls At Night, by the late Kent Haruf, a superb Colorado author.

Florence will be the fictional town of Holt, Colorado as depicted in the novel.

Florence apparently was chosen because of its small-town charm.

I've only been living in Florence for four years, but I can attest to its charm. Not just its outdoor art and architecture, but the charm of its people.

I do believe the producers of, Our Souls At Night, have chosen wisely. And I'll be watching from the antiques shop to see the reception the stars get. And I bet it will be very similar to the welcome that everyone gets in Florence--small-town friendliness at its best.