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Monday, June 26, 2017

Florence, Colorado: #IFoundYouInFlorenceColorado Artisian Marsha Bell of Canon City

Who did I find in Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado, this time? Florence has a campaign, #FindItInFlorence, designed to showcase all the things one can find in Florence. On this blog, I also highlight who I  find in Florence and what they are doing with the things they find in Florence. I think you'll agree, many people who come to Florence have interesting dreams, goals, hobbies and memories they seek to celebrate with objects found in Florence.

                                                         Marsha Bell Of Canon City

This time I found Marsha Bell of Canon City in Florence. She's holding a miniature cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots.

Of course, we couldn't resist asking her what she planned on doing with her purchase.

Marsha said she's been fascinated with miniatures since childhood. But this Canon City artisan isn't just content with arranging and collecting miniatures in an ordinary fashion.

"I arrange antique miniatures in unique antique containers," she said.

She uses antique radios, televisions, refrigerators and other vintage items as the showcase or framework for works of art.

                                                         Photo courtesy of Marsha Bell

Marsha gave a vintage TV (pictured above) new life by creating a magical scene of a North Pole bakery.

"I purchase many of the items I use, in Florence," Marsha said.

Also a registered nurse at St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City, and an instructor at CNA classes in Florence, Marsha estimates she puts at least 50 plus hours into each creation.

Her nostalgic vignettes aren't for sale, but Marsha has been entering her work at the Pueblo State Fair for about five years. She's won several Best Of Show ribbons and earned three first place ribbons.

                                                        Photo courtesy of Marsha Bell

The scene of a Victorian Christmas, framed by part of an antique icebox, won Marsha a Best of Show award at the fair.

Marsha is inspired by a variety of themes for her art work, but primarily concentrates on Christmas scenes. "This all started from a memory of me as a child looking down a banister at Christmas..."she recalled.

The magical memories of her childhood Christmases are celebrated and honored every time she goes on a search for new miniatures and antique backdrops.

I'm just glad, even though Marsha doesn't sell her work, that she chooses to share her love of good memories, antiques and miniatures with everyone by displaying at the fair, and readily sharing her story with us in Florence.

What is Marsha's newest project that she was in Florence hunting for miniatures last week?

She'll be working on a barn scene (complete with that cute hat and cowboy boots) set in an antique school desk.

I'm hoping when the antique school desk is completed we'll get a picture to share on the blog. We always love seeing all the fascinating things fascinating people do with the treasures they find in Florence!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Florence Consignment Corner: Another Reason To Visit Antiques Capital Of Colorado

There are dozens of reasons to visit Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado. Tons of antiques, art and gift stores. Peaceful walking-friendly streets. Friendly people. Great eateries. Fantastic outdoor art. Fascinating architecture. History and more!

Well, here's yet another reason: Florence Consignment Corner. The new business is located at 202 E. Main St. For locals, that location formerly housed the Napa Auto store. Now the space has been transformed into a venue for antiques, art, jewelry, bargains and much more.

According to FCC's Facebook page at: the business will host an open house from April 1 to 7. Many spaces have already been rented out, but there are a few more available. Who knows what treasures will be found?

April 1 is a great day to get one's walking and shopping shoes on, because in addition to the FCC open house--there will be a citywide Very Foolish Sale and a citywide yard sale in honor of April Fool's Day. Those sales are slated for March 31, as well as April 1.

The Florence Consignment Corner will be open seven days a week from 10 to 6. Phone number is 719-671-6746.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Florence Colorado: Start Spreading The News

Let's face reality. Most small towns in Colorado (or anywhere for that matter) don't have big advertising budgets.

Florence is the official antiques capital of Colorado. True. But how many people really know that?

What I do know is that visitors to Florence are often the ones who attempt to spread the news far and wide about what exactly is in Florence.

Today a regular visitor to Florence stopped by ye olde antiques shop and told me she took a nice pile of brochures to her hometown of Colorado Springs. Now I won't mention if she took it to the Chamber of Commerce or the Visitor's Bureau or a similar organization. I know. But around here we don't kiss and tell. We just kiss.

All this lady hoped to do was spread the word about Florence. She has no connections to Florence other than she loves to visit regularly from her home in the Springs, about half an hour's drive away.

She was told that unless she was a member of the organization, she would be unable to leave any brochures.

This enthusiastic Florence booster was undeterred and told two volunteers at unnamed organization that she'd leave them some brochures for their own use. She then asked them if they knew what was in Florence. No, neither of them knew.

Of course, my jaw dropped. I lived in the Springs for over 20 years and knew about Florence many moons ago by virtue of hopping in my car and exploring--without reading an ad or brochure or word of mouth.


So, thanks to the customer today, who told me her story about spreading the news of Florence, Colorado.

And don't you dare tell me you haven't heard of Florence, Colorado. Either read the rest of the blog for just a glimpse into the town. Or go to the Florence Chamber of Commerce page. Or Google Florence. You'll be surprised that a town of under 4,000 has so much going on.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FLORENCE, CO: Tour of Spirit Riders

Spirit Riders, located at 111 W. Main St. in Florence--the antiques capital of Colorado, is one of the more interesting local shops. And that's saying quite a lot, since all of Florence's shops and galleries have many unique features.

The shop is owned by Barb and Barry Brierley. Barb is the force and organizer behind the 2nd annual Escape In Time To Steampunk And Wine festival that is a fundraiser for the historic Rialto Theater, which was built in 1923 as an opera house.

And Barry is well known for his many historic fiction novels. Spirit Riders specializes in his books and also his original artwork--some of which has graced the covers of his books.

Our goal on this blog is to take a virtual tour of every shop in Florence--so let's see what happening at Spirit Riders.

A display of Barry's novels. He covers the gamut--from Native Americans to Bass Reeves, a heroic African-American lawman. Barry is often at the shop, ready to autograph a book and share about his research and passion for historical fiction, based on facts and research.

Western boots of most every style, color, size and vintage are always in stock at Spirit Riders.

And there is steampunk galore at Spirit Riders, from dresses, skirts, blouses, hats, corsets, goggles and much more.

Steampunk, western, Victorian, wedding-appropriate clothing... Spirit Riders has it all covered.

And you can always stop in an find out more about the steampunk festival coming up on April 9 and 10.