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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Florence, Colorado: The American Pickers TV Show Coming To Florence

Ah, dreams do come true! I was hoping the American Pickers TV show, with plans to film in Colorado, would make a stop in Florence.

According the Facebook page of the Florence Consignment Center, the pickers will be at their store filming.

Danielle Colby, American Pickers. Mike and Frank from American Pickersare coming to Florence, Colorado and to Florence Consignment Corner in July. They will be shooting an episode of Frank Fritz from American Pickersand Mike Wolfe American Picker. We will be ready and we will have some special things for them to take home when they shop at FCC.

Hats off to the folks at Florence Consignment Center! I'm a semi-regular shopper at FCC, so I know they will do Florence proud--as would any of the other stores in the antiques capital of Colorado.

I don''t think it's too late to send leads on to the American Pickers.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Florence Consignment Corner: Another Reason To Visit Antiques Capital Of Colorado

There are dozens of reasons to visit Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado. Tons of antiques, art and gift stores. Peaceful walking-friendly streets. Friendly people. Great eateries. Fantastic outdoor art. Fascinating architecture. History and more!

Well, here's yet another reason: Florence Consignment Corner. The new business is located at 202 E. Main St. For locals, that location formerly housed the Napa Auto store. Now the space has been transformed into a venue for antiques, art, jewelry, bargains and much more.

According to FCC's Facebook page at: the business will host an open house from April 1 to 7. Many spaces have already been rented out, but there are a few more available. Who knows what treasures will be found?

April 1 is a great day to get one's walking and shopping shoes on, because in addition to the FCC open house--there will be a citywide Very Foolish Sale and a citywide yard sale in honor of April Fool's Day. Those sales are slated for March 31, as well as April 1.

The Florence Consignment Corner will be open seven days a week from 10 to 6. Phone number is 719-671-6746.