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Friday, April 5, 2019

Florence, Colorado: On This Month's Cover Of The Grapevine Magazine

Hot off the presses! The Grapevine Magazine, from Pueblo, is featuring, Florence--The Antiques Capital of Colorado in this month's issue.

The magazine serves southern Colorado and features stories about local businesses, inspirational people and fun things to do.

The Grapevine is free and is at many businesses in Florence, including The Loralie Antiques Mall.

Once again, our little burg, is a rock star. Rock on Florence!

Visit the Grapevine Facebook page at:

Friday, March 30, 2018

Florence, Colorado: Does This Mustache Distract From My Bad Hair Day?

Does this wax mustache distract from my bad hair day?

Just so you know, every day is a bad hair day with me.

Before I don a waxy candy mustache, I like to make sure it has some fashion or beauty purpose. I thought it would cover my laugh lines. Nope.

It makes my hair look even more like a weed whacker had its way with me.

But, alas, I finally found the benefit. It covers my REAL mustache. You know, that one that no amount of waxing, plucking or screaming can rid of.

So, why would I humiliate myself with this yummy mustache?

For the sake of Florence of course.

So stay tuned on the details of the FREE Mustache Day we are planning on the day of the 17th annual Florence Merchants' Association Car Show--Sunday, May 20.

UPDATE: My wax mustache is grape-flavored. Turns out that even wholesale, wax mustaches are slightly pricey--so we will be giving away FREE fuzzy mustaches instead of wax. No worries--it's easier to talk with the adhesive fuzzy ones.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Florence, Colorado: FUN ALERT! The Florence Consignment Corner Grand Reopening

There aren't many guarantees in life--but I can almost guarantee that going to the Florence Consignment Corner, is the most fun you'll have shopping and browsing in a long time.

I've been saying that Florence is the FUNkytown of Fremont County for years. No one believed me. But, aha, now I have real proof.

                                                    FUN MERCHANDISE? HECK, YEAH!

Many folks visited the Florence Consignment Corner during the past year, when it was located in the old NAPA building on Main St. It was fun the past year--but now FCC has a bigger location,  at 118 W. Main St. in the old Tru Value Building.

So there is more room for fun merchandise. FCC has been open in the new location since March 1 and on Saturday, March 31, will have its grand reopening from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Yes, there will be door prize drawings.

                                                 GRAND REOPENING DOOR PRIZES

That's just a small sampling of the door prizes. Many of the FCC vendors will be donating FUN items for the drawings. I heard a rumor that one vendor donated a basket of nostalgic candy for the drawing--and there just might be some wax candy lips and other outrageously fun items in the basket.

There will be free refreshments and snacks--while they last. And there will be free fresh homemade fudge samples. In case you missed it, here's a link to a recent blog post about the fudge:

                                               NORRIS YOUNGS SERVING UP FUDGE AT FCC

OK, I know all of you that can make it, will attend the grand reopening this Saturday. But those of you who can't...I know you'll make it to FCC as soon as you can. But in the meantime, lets take a blog tour of this store. FCC already attracts lots of local shoppers and browsers, but I'm fairly certain that FCC will also be even more widely known as a tourist destination.

I'll let you judge why that might be so. But my opinion is: I've never seen a store that has such a wide variety of EVERYTHING! Most of us have been to antiques malls. FCC is not an antiques store, but has lots of antiques and collectibles. It's not an indoor flea market, but it has practical tools and household items, without being junky. It has packaged food items and candy. It has artwork and handcrafts.

OK, enough! It would take less time to list what they don't have. Let's have some fun on our tour, which barely scratches the surface of this fun emporium.

Hands down (or up) the funnest chair ever. Just make sure you aim your descent correctly or you might get a surprise.

FCC co-owner Donny Hakes checks out a giraffe.

FCC has a great offering of Watkins products from toiletries, cleaning supplies to spices. Imagine this. You can purchase some Watkins spices.

Get cooking on some quality cast iron cookware and...

Then cook it all up vintage style on this cook stove.

Speaking of yummy things...This is one of my favorite booths in FCC. These vendors from Walsenburg have some great Colorado bread and cookie mixes. We purchased some to include in a gift basket for a charity event (in Denver) to highlight all the diversity of goods and businesses in southern Colorado to our neighbors to the north.

Cool antiques--and is that the famous kitchen sink next to the gasoline sign? I will spare you all--and not make any jokes about the FCC having everything including the kitchen sink. Wait, that's a bathroom sink--so we are all safe. But they do have kitchen sinks too.

And they have a basket of Betty Boops. Not just anyone can claim that!

And absolutely gorgeous artwork to fit any budget or decor.

I want y'all to check out Florence Consignment Corner's Facebook page at: Notice it says, find almost anything. True. True of FCC and Florence in general.

Thanks to Donny and Molly Hakes, co-owners of FCC, who gave me permission to use a few of their photos for this post. Some of the photos used were taken by me--but their photos are better.

And don't forget the grand reopening March 31 at 118 W. Main St.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Florence, Colorado: LIFE IS BETTER WITH FUDGE!

I've been stalking, I mean visiting, one of Florence's newest fun offerings: The Mountain Fudgery.

It started out with free samples, which Sandi and Norris Youngs of the fudge business, are always happy to hand out. Then, of course, I've been known to lay down a few greenbacks for the delight of eating fresh, homemade fudge.

I haven't tried  all the many flavors yet. But don't worry. I will! So far they are all scrumptious--but the Lemon Meringue has my taste buds and heart all aflutter.

                                                  Sandi Norris of The Mountain Fudgery

All the fudge is made with fresh cream and butter. Ah, but they had me at fudge.

I asked Sandi recently to tell me either something heartwarming or funny about fudge.

She came up with something better and said, "Life is better with fudge!"

I have to agree with her.

Sandi and her husband, Norris, can be found at Florence Consignment Corner, mainly on the weekends--passing out free samples, smiles and selling their fudge.

The Florence Consignment Corner, at 118 W. Main St. (in the old Tru Value building) is celebrating its grand reopening Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sandy and Norris will be there, as well as many other purveyors of fine goods. But more about that in another blog post.

For now, we are simply celebrating fudge. And how life is better with fudge!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Florence,Colorado: We Don't Love Our Dinosaurs Extra Crispy In Colorado

We don't love our dinosaurs extra crispy in Colorado. (Twilight Zone music plays.) Or do we?

I'm the type that loves to find the fun and humor in most anything, as long as no one got hurt. And since no one got hurt--except the unfortunate T-Rex at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience outside of Canon City--we get to find the good in a dinosaur going out in a blaze of glory.

For those who haven't heard, there was an apparent electrical malfunction at the dino attraction and bye bye Dino.

                                                 It's NOT Special Effects--It's Real

You can read all about at: Roaring fire takes down Royal Gorge Dinosaur's T-Rex: via @CCDR_news

My first thought was: Flipping Flintstones! I haven't been to the Dinosaur Experience yet--and my luck is that the T-Rex would implode a few weeks before I got out there.

In case you think I am a whiner, I am generally not. But I've had a few experiences that just when I get ready or finally see a tourist attraction--something goes wrong. The most notable was when I FINALLY got to Paris, of course I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. I did. But I wanted to go inside the Eiffel Tower. Oh, heck no. The Eiffel Tower was closed. I had no idea they closed the Eiffel Tower. But I guess they knew I was coming.

I guess the T-Rex outside of Canon City knew I was planning on a trip and decided to go to dino heaven instead.

But, the Dinosaur Experience is not closed--and I understand from local news reports that a new T-Rex will be installed before the summer rush. Whew! I'll carry a portable fire extinguisher just in case.

I also understand that pictures and videos of this flaming dino have went viral--across the nation and the world.

Who knew that a flaming dino would accidentally get Fremont County bazillions of dollars of free publicity worldwide. And yes, this county is pretty cool. And also pretty hot when dinos catch fire.

But all the attractions are open for business, so I'll see you there. Yes, you'll be able to recognize me by my fire extinguisher with the dino stickers on it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Florence, Colorado: We Have Another Winning Eatery, Turmeric East Indian & Nepalese Restaurant

And we have another winner in Florence's varying landscapes of FUNky eateries.

Yes, we got there right when they opened for the first time on March 17th at 5 p.m. and within minutes the place was packed.

And I was packing it in myself. Oh, delicious Naan bread with some chicken curry--come to Mama.

Ah, and one of my favorites-- chicken Tikka Masala, a lovely dish redolent with tomato sauce, yogurt and spices. Interesting enough I did a little research of Tikka Masala and the origins of the dish are unknown but suspected to come from the Indian subcontinent OR Scotland. Hmmm, I put my vote in for the Indian subcontinent.

I've  been to most every East Indian and/or Nepalese restaurant from Pueblo to Colorado Springs to Denver, but I've never ran across Rasmalai, which is homemade cheese patties in sweetened cream sauce. The texture of the patties was different, but I'm of the opinion that if one gets one's cream sauce right (and they did) then who cares about anything else.

We had a lovely opening night meal. You think that was enough? Of course not. We went right back the next day for the Sunday brunch buffet. No stinking commoner eggs and bacon here. Just a few delicious vegetarian and meat dishes. Naturally we had Naan bread. And every East Indian/Nepalese restaurant I've been to always has Kheer, a rice pudding with raisins and slivered almonds.In the past, I've had a few Kheer with rose water, which was very nice. But most Kheer is quite runny. The one at Turmeric was quite thick, so I have to give it one of my top ratings.

The buffet was only $10. And the lunch buffet will also be $10.

Turmeric has something for most everyone. It's fairly easy to eat gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or carnivore there.

According to one of the servers, the family that is running Florence's Turmeric also owns Kathmandu Kitchen in Aurora, close to Denver.

The Turmeric is open everyday, except Mondays, for lunch (including the lunch buffet) and dinner.

Good eating and a welcome addition to Florence's remarkable (for a small town) choice of eateries.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Florence, Colorado: Escape In Time To Steampunk And Wine Festival

Ya'll don't have to hit me over the noggin to realize that there is a lot of interest in the upcoming Steampunk Festival. I've seen the hits this week and last for posts I made last year about Florence's Escape In Time To Steampunk And Wine Festival.

But, alas, I've been naughty (and busy) and haven't posted about this year's festival yet. But seeing everyone reading the past posts made me get into gear. Pun intended.

Plans are still being made--but this year's Steampunk Festival has no entrance fee, as it did in year's past.

One reader, with an upcoming wedding, was curious if there was a steampunk wedding feature like last year. I am not sure--but I'll talk to the festival organizer and find out.

I do know that year's event (the 4th annual) promises to be bigger, better and even more fun than previous ones. I know it's hard to believe since the other festivals were big hits--but this time around the Salida Circus will be performing. And the Fonda Cash Band  featuring Johnny Cash's niece should rev the fun factor up.

Stay tuned! And make sure to check out the Steampunk Facebook page at: