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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Delightful Book Trailer Shot In Florence, Colorado--Come Six To Seven

Florence, Colorado and its vast array of antiques hits center stage in a new book trailer, shot on Main St., for the novel, Come Six To Seven.

To check out the book trailer that features many Florence antiques shops we will all recognize, see the You Tube video at:

I'm pretty sure this book trailer was shot semi-recently, because I work in several of Florence's antiques stores and recognize the antiques in the windows, that were displayed there a few months ago.

Author Mac Evenstar, has written a novel, Come Six of Seven, that features a unique antique found in Florence, Colorado. The novel, according to Evenstar's promos, features mystery, intrigue, romance and humor. Apparently Supermax is also featured in the fictional book.

This is Evenstar's debut novel and it came out in Feb. of 2015. More information about the author and his book is available at: The book is available at in Kindle edition for under $5 and other outlets, mentioned on the author's website. I haven't had a chance to read the book yet, since I just found out about it moments ago. But the book is already getting some decent reviews at:

If you can't check out the book, make sure and view the free book trailer at You Tube and get a glimpse of charming Florence, Colorado--as the author reads a brief excerpt of Come Six To Seven.

The Clown Collectibles Mocker: Creepy Clown Cakes

Creepy clown collectibles are overtaking the world. Fellow clown collectibles mockers should get a kick out of this hilarious website:

Cake is approved by the blog owner of True Story Club (aka The Clown Collectibles Mocker.) They don't just make fun of clown cake wrecks, but the fact that they know about the toxic horror of the incredible, non-edible plastic clown heads make my Respect-O-Meter twitch with delight.

The Clown Collectibles Mocker (also known as The Queen of Questionable Taste) spends too much time mocking clown collectibles and clown fashions, accessories and jewelry. In her spare time, she dusts her clown collectibles collection with a clown-colored feather duster clenched between her butt cheeks. Why? Because she can. And because it's good aerobic exercise. The Clown Collectibles Mocker doesn't mock real clowns or people (in public) and hopes that if people run across their handiwork or items on this blog, they realize it is a high honor and just in fun.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Florence, Colorado: Weird But Wonderful Little Pioneer Town

I'm always curious about what other people are saying about Florence, Colorado. Why? I'm just plain nosy, that's why. And I came across this delightful blog, Cake Spy, that has a nice post about our town.

According to the blog writer, Florence is a "weird but wonderful little pioneer town." I couldn't agree with her more!

Check out the Cakespy blog. I haven't had a chance to read much more than the Florence, Colorado entry--but it looks like a great blog. Anytime a blog is devoted to sugar, cake and spying--I am totally up with that.

I did learn something at the Cake Spy tonight. There is a rumor circulating that cinnamon rolls might be the official food of our fair, glucose-ridden town. I have enough rolls around my mid section and try to avoid sweets (ha!) so I wasn't aware we had so many cinnamon rolls in town. I will have to remedy that situation as soon as I can.

Yes, Florence is a weird, but wonderful little pioneer town. Its beautiful streets are filled with great eateries, stunning architecture, fabulous antiques shops and indoor and outdoor art.

But underneath its adorable image lies the darker, weirder side:Too many cinnamon rolls. Though I have not yet independently confirmed that yet. AND...

Lest, we not forget. Florence, Colorado not only has the largest amount of antiques stores per capita in the state, it also has one of the highest rates of clown collectibles lurking in its stores. AND I have independently confirmed that.

Arrrgh! The Florence clown angst! The clown on the left could improve his disposition with the official food of Florence: a cinnamon roll. The clown on the left has already had his cinnamon roll sugar high and his quiet smirk of satisfaction tells the whole story.