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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Beautiful Old Houses In Florence, Colorado

It only takes a moment or two after arriving in Florence, Colorado to realize that such a small town has so many architectural gems.

This website, House Crazy, has a lovely article about house peeping in Florence. Go to:

I confess that I also am a house peeper. And one of my favorite things to do is go on every house tour event in Florence. Stay tuned to this blog this fall when we'll talk about the upcoming house tour--and give you a tour of some of Florence's gems, if you aren't fortunate enough to visit Florence in person.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Word On The Street About Florence, The Antiques Capital Of Colorado

When I am not spending my time mocking clown collectibles and clown fashions, I love to see what other people are saying about Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado. Do they find it as endlessly fascinating and charming as I do? Of course they do!

But it's always interesting to see what out-of-towners think. I found this blog post a nice snapshot of what Florence had to offer in 2011.

Delightful Book Trailer Shot In Florence, Colorado--Come Six To Seven

Florence, Colorado and its vast array of antiques hits center stage in a new book trailer, shot on Main St., for the novel, Come Six To Seven.

To check out the book trailer that features many Florence antiques shops we will all recognize, see the You Tube video at:

I'm pretty sure this book trailer was shot semi-recently, because I work in several of Florence's antiques stores and recognize the antiques in the windows, that were displayed there a few months ago.

Author Mac Evenstar, has written a novel, Come Six of Seven, that features a unique antique found in Florence, Colorado. The novel, according to Evenstar's promos, features mystery, intrigue, romance and humor. Apparently Supermax is also featured in the fictional book.

This is Evenstar's debut novel and it came out in Feb. of 2015. More information about the author and his book is available at: The book is available at in Kindle edition for under $5 and other outlets, mentioned on the author's website. I haven't had a chance to read the book yet, since I just found out about it moments ago. But the book is already getting some decent reviews at:

If you can't check out the book, make sure and view the free book trailer at You Tube and get a glimpse of charming Florence, Colorado--as the author reads a brief excerpt of Come Six To Seven.

Florence, One Of The Safest Cities In Colorado

Hope you didn't miss this fact that was recently released: Florence is one of the safest small cities in Colorado.

You can read all about it here:

ValuePenguin released its findings recently after analyzing the most recent FBI Crime Report concerning the safety of cities in Colorado.

Florence ranked as the seventh safest small city in Colorado and ranked number nine overall. Canon City did not fair so well. And Pueblo came in last in the ratings.

I am no expert on crime statistics and what exacerbates crimes, but I suspect low crime rates are partially dependent on obvious factors such as the residents that reside in a particular city and the efforts of law enforcement.

                                                                Florence, Colorado

Florence has always felt safe to me. And apparently it is for the most part.

Another good resource to see what the crime statistics for Florence (and just about any other town in the USA) is City Data. That website not only has input from actual residents, but almost every imaginable statistic about crime, income, weather and more. Go to:

The crime stats at City Data on Florence only go from 2001 to 2012, but on City Data's crime graph, the crime rates in Florence have been going down dramatically in recent years.

Yes, the cold, hard stats tell me what I already suspected all along--Florence, Colorado is a pretty cool and safe place to live. And it's a fun and funky little town with plenty of history, art, antiques, natural beauty and friendly people.

The Clown Collectibles Mocker: Creepy Clown Cakes

Creepy clown collectibles are overtaking the world. Fellow clown collectibles mockers should get a kick out of this hilarious website:

Cake is approved by the blog owner of True Story Club (aka The Clown Collectibles Mocker.) They don't just make fun of clown cake wrecks, but the fact that they know about the toxic horror of the incredible, non-edible plastic clown heads make my Respect-O-Meter twitch with delight.

The Clown Collectibles Mocker (also known as The Queen of Questionable Taste) spends too much time mocking clown collectibles and clown fashions, accessories and jewelry. In her spare time, she dusts her clown collectibles collection with a clown-colored feather duster clenched between her butt cheeks. Why? Because she can. And because it's good aerobic exercise. The Clown Collectibles Mocker doesn't mock real clowns or people (in public) and hopes that if people run across their handiwork or items on this blog, they realize it is a high honor and just in fun.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Florence, Colorado: Weird But Wonderful Little Pioneer Town

I'm always curious about what other people are saying about Florence, Colorado. Why? I'm just plain nosy, that's why. And I came across this delightful blog, Cake Spy, that has a nice post about our town.

According to the blog writer, Florence is a "weird but wonderful little pioneer town." I couldn't agree with her more!

Check out the Cakespy blog. I haven't had a chance to read much more than the Florence, Colorado entry--but it looks like a great blog. Anytime a blog is devoted to sugar, cake and spying--I am totally up with that.

I did learn something at the Cake Spy tonight. There is a rumor circulating that cinnamon rolls might be the official food of our fair, glucose-ridden town. I have enough rolls around my mid section and try to avoid sweets (ha!) so I wasn't aware we had so many cinnamon rolls in town. I will have to remedy that situation as soon as I can.

Yes, Florence is a weird, but wonderful little pioneer town. Its beautiful streets are filled with great eateries, stunning architecture, fabulous antiques shops and indoor and outdoor art.

But underneath its adorable image lies the darker, weirder side:Too many cinnamon rolls. Though I have not yet independently confirmed that yet. AND...

Lest, we not forget. Florence, Colorado not only has the largest amount of antiques stores per capita in the state, it also has one of the highest rates of clown collectibles lurking in its stores. AND I have independently confirmed that.

Arrrgh! The Florence clown angst! The clown on the left could improve his disposition with the official food of Florence: a cinnamon roll. The clown on the left has already had his cinnamon roll sugar high and his quiet smirk of satisfaction tells the whole story.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What A First-Time Visitor Thinks Of Florence, Colorado

I personally feel that among most small Colorado towns, Florence is the greatest thing since sliced bread. But what does a first-time visitor to our fair burg think?

After over a year of working at several of Florence's antiques shops and a secondhand store, I've gotten a clue how some people feel. Many people stop in from Pueblo and Colorado Springs and tell me they are first-time visitors. And the feedback is always positive.

But I was curious how one of my friends would view Florence. I'll call my friend, Anna.

Anna and I met many years ago when we were just 14 and 15 in a small town in California. Life and marriages saw us both leave California. I came to Colorado with my husband over 20 years ago. Anna actually went to live in Italy and teach at a university before returning to the United States.

Then Anna's brother ended up marrying a Colorado woman and work eventually brought Anna to Colorado. But her job takes her out of state often, so even when we lived in Colorado Springs and Denver, we only saw Anna and her family, perhaps once a year or so.

Today Anna (on her way back to northern Colorado, coming from a work assignment in southern Colorado) was able to finally see Florence and our new house.

I hadn't told her much about the town, except the weather here is much nicer than in most other parts of the state and that the real estate prices are ridiculously low compared to most other areas.

After she took a quick tour of our house, we went to ITO's Japanese Steak House on Main St.

Now remember, Anna's work and life has taken her all over the United States and Europe. She even gives professional travel tours in a European country and is fluent in three languages. So, needless to say, she has eaten out in Italy, France and most major metropolitan areas of the United States and other countries.

Blog readers know that I gave a recent review on ITO's and while I haven't traveled as extensively as Anna, I have been to Europe, Manhattan and few others places, stuffing my pie hole with great delight. And in my opinion, ITO's ranks right up there with some of the best.

Anna was delighted that our server was able to make recommendations about gluten-free items on the menu, including gluten-free soy sauce.

I didn't tell Anna, until she weighed in with her opinion on ITO's, that I had written that the restaurant's fried rice was the best I have eaten in any region of the country.

Anna also commented that the fried rice was the best she had ever eaten--anywhere.

I haven't mentioned that Anna is also a gourmet cook. I personally couldn't cook my way out of a paper bag. So, coming from both ends of the spectrum, we both came to the conclusion that ITO's, tucked away in Florence, has world-class food.

Anna said she was going to go to Trip Advisor and give ITO's a sterling review.

Anna was only able to spend a few hours in Florence. She only got a glimpse of some of the town's outdoor art, pastoral settings and fantastic architecture. She was impressed and will be back--not only to visit us, but to see more of what she considers a very pretty little town.

We took a very quick tour of a few antiques stores and she was surprised at how much shopping there is in a such a small town. I told her it usually takes the average person (according to what visitors tell me) about two days to do all the shops justice.

I always thought Florence was a jewel of a town, even before we moved here. Apparently a friend, who only spent a few hours here, saw the same potential and beauty that we have. And that's nice to know.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

14th Annual Florence (Colorado) Merchants Car Show on May 17

We don't play favorites on this blog, but I think the Florence Merchants Car Show is one of the most enjoyable events in Florence, Colorado.

Remember, we are relatively new to Florence, so at just about every event--we rather act like kids in a candy shop. Last year was our first time at the car show, and I believe the several thousand people who showed up agreed with us.

There is nothing better that a beautiful Spring day strolling Florence's Main St. and viewing classic cars, enjoying the valve cover races, and stopping in the shops to browse or getting a bite to eat at one of Florence's eateries.

To really get an idea of just how great this event is, go to:

If that Facebook page isn't one of the best, I don't know what is!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Florence Colorado Has A Paint Named After It?

Florence, Colorado has a paint named after it? Yes and no.

I haven't been to You Tube in many months and thought I'd see what folks had put up about Florence. I was pretty excited to see a video entitled, Colorado Florence. I'm not fussy. Everyone has a little blip and dyslexia--no problem.

I notice the video has a ton of views and I think, "Yipee! Over 26,000 people across the world have discovered there is a Florence besides Italy."

So, I click and here's what my startled eyeballs are treated to.

Decorating.  A big-arse can of paint with Colorado Florence on it and some Frenchie in a lab coat waxing poetic.

But since I can only understand about  18 words of French, I can only assume the paint guy was telling everyone to spend $100 a can to paint your walls with Colorado Florence.

I apparently was not the only one slightly duped by a You Tube video about Colorado Florence.

One of the comments on You Tube was purportedly from someone who had grown up in Florence, Colorado. Eww la, la. The former Florence resident used his best French to say: WTF!

I only have one solution to this--besides ordering paint from France. And that is for more Florence folks to get You Tube videos up about the real Florence.

And don't look at me to do it. I've never uploaded my own videos anywhere, much less on You Tube. And if you all leave it up to me, I might do a You Tube video tour of all the scary clown collectibles and then everyone in Florence will run me out of town and I'll have to move to France and I'll be sad because my French accent is le horrible.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Only In Colorado: Clown Stomper Marijuana

Usually I only limit my wrath to mocking clown collectibles found in Colorado. Wow, what a niche specialty! This time I am not mocking (well, I will try not to) and actually going to praise this unknown person who posted this on Craigslist.

Don't get me wrong, what I know about marijuana is about the size of a marijuana seed. But anyone who names their pot strain--CLOWN STOMPER-- has my tepid approval.

Here's what they wrote on Craigslist:

seeds for donations 

ONLY $40 min. donation gets you 12 seeds 

12 Harlequin x Grape Stomper feminized seeds ( I named it Clown Stomper)

awesome genetics 

every one is a female guaranteed

Hmm. Could this person's naming of these feminized seeds (whatever that means) suggest a deep-seated hatred or fear of clowns? When I name my pot strain, I am going to call it: Ask Dr. Freud.

Ah,  the  sprouted seeds are pretty  as a clown collectible. Kinda puts me in the mood to make a turkey, avocado and alfalfa sprout sandwich. I wonder why? I think I'll Ask Dr. Freud.

Do you think smoking pot will make this medieval hybrid scary monkey-clown look any better? What you say? There is no drug or substance known to mankind that will make this thing or any clown collectible for that matter look any better? That's what I thought.

The Queen of Questionable Taste mocks anything to do with clown collectibles and accessories on her blog. In her spare time, she thinks deep thoughts (without the benefit of pot) but doesn't share any deep thoughts on her blog in the interest of protecting the public.