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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Florence, Colorado: I'm Hoping The AMERICAN PICKERS Come To Florence

I'm just going to come out and say it: I hope the American Pickers come to Florence.

After all, we are the antiques capital of Colorado. And the American Pickers TV show is set to film in Colorado throughout July.


I was lurking (oops, I mean working) around ye olde antiques mall recently and heard a phone message left by the casting director for the popular History Channel TV show. So, naturally I thought we (oops, I mean me) should see what we can do about this.

                               Mike, Danielle and Frank from The American Pickers TV show

No, I didn't lift this picture from the internet. I actually got it from the casting folks.

I mean who wouldn't want these guys to show up? Can't you even see Danielle coming along and hanging out at the Pour House (the beacon of hippery) and comparing tats?

For gosh sakes, Florence is the FUNkytown of Fremont County and these folks are as FUNky as they get.

And they love to preserve history. And that is what Florence is all about.

Plus, rumor has it when folks (celebs and non-celebs alike) come to Florence we often treat them to breakfast, lunch and/or dinner and give them jars of free Florence-produced honey. Actually that's not a rumor, it happened and you'll have to read other blog posts to find out.

I mean, come on, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford were pretty darn happy with the welcome mat Florence unfurled.

OK, I decided to see what "leads" I could dig up for these fine folks at American Pickers. I asked a dealer who has booth space where I work and also owns an antiques shop in Canon City if he'd let the pickers in. "Nope! They can't come in my garage," he replied," But I did hear Mike and Frank were in Westcliffe the other day eating pizza."

Remember, the title of this blog is, True Story Club, and I only occasionally wax poetic, but don't make things up.

On to the next. I ask another acquaintance who is liquidating some antiques. That person thought their stuff wouldn't be good enough. And also wasn't thrilled with being on camera. That part I understand. I'd freeze with an idiotic expression on my face if a camera was pointed at me. Wait, that really happened one day when I was leaving my house and Channel 13 (in Colorado Springs) happened to be on the sidewalk and asked me what I thought about fraud and scams. "Well," I choked," I'm against fraud and scams..." When I saw myself on TV, I looked like I was sucking on a sour pickle, but in real life I look like I'm perpetually sucking on a sweet Popsicle. Or so I've been told.

I might freeze when TV cameras get near me, but I am determined to sneak around Florence and attempt to get other people to do it. And then write about it.

Next I attempted to get permission for the American Pickers to penetrate the infamous HOBO JUNGLE. Yes, that really is the nickname given by the owners. Still working on that one.

But the glitch besides people being hesitant before cameras, is people often thinking their stuff isn't good enough. It reminds me of my mother cleaning our motel room BEFORE the motel maid showed up so the maid wouldn't think we were slobs.

Well, then someone else uncovered a lead for me. It seems someone has many of the original movie props from the Gene Wilder version of the movie, Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. I made a phone call and it turns out that many of those movie props are indeed in Florence and the owner does want those items to see the light of day so others can enjoy them and while a sale is still unsure, agreed to let me give the contact information to the American Pickers.

But let's see what other leads we can come up with for Florence. Not only would it be fun to see the crew of The American Pickers, it would be fun to see Florence and all its treasures (people and items) get some exposure.

Tune in to future blog posts to see how you can submit a lead to American Pickers.