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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Florence,Colorado: Hardly A Tweet or Twitter

Oh my! Florence, Colorado is a beautiful little town, not far from the Arkansas River. It's the antiques capital of Colorado AND it is also home to many artists, craftsmen, authors, agricultural folks and many all-around talented people.

I've been operating on the theory that we have a multitude of talented people hiding out in Fremont County--the Royal Gorge Region, and particularly in Florence. In Florence, we have lots of public artwork. Great architecture. Great shops. Fantastic restaurants. And mostly friendly people.

And I'm not the only one who thinks this--and says it. And writes about it. OK, not that many people write about Florence. I occasionally work in an antiques mall--and I've heard hundreds of people from near and far--make the same comments I do.

Why just the other day a woman from Colorado Springs literally ran up to me and smiled and yelled,"I love Florence! Florence is my HAPPY place!"

Yes, Florence is MY happy place too. I was just talking to a friend who moved here from Colorado Springs last year. I moved here from the Springs (and Denver) a few years ago. We were talking about how when we moved here we thought we'd be in our beloved Colorado Springs and Manitou every week mourning the loss of culture, shopping, food and the bustle.

Not so, we both agreed. We still go to the big city every month or so--and love it. BUT we are happier in Florence than we ever thought. My friend said it's so quiet here. So peaceful. And I commented (as we were enjoying a world-class lunch at Ito's Japanese Restaurant on Main Street) that we had good restaurants and didn't need to run to Pueblo or the Springs that often to chow down.

OK, so Florence is great. All my friends here are transplants and we all talk about how cool it is is here. I speak to dozens of customers weekly about how they LOVE Florence--even if they are from Canon City or Westcliffe.

So, why when I go to Twitter--do I see less than 50 Tweets in the past six years about Florence?


We have our own hashtag. #FlorenceColorado

It turns out that I am the primary tweeter of Florence, Colorado. And I didn't plan it that way. So, come of everyone. Share the news about Florence on Twitter--or wherever. We shouldn't be hiding our lights under a bushel.

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  1. Not to mention Yik Yak is like totally dead, dude.