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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fremont Victory Quilters: Sewn With Love For Our Veterans

Most of us can agree that there is hardly a greater love and courage when a person is willing to lay down their life for their country.

And many quilters in Fremont County are showing a great love for our veterans.

Twice each month, quilters from Fremont County meet at the Elks Lodge in Florence to construct quilts for veterans, as part of the national Quilts Of Valor outreach, which also reaches out in Colorado. More information on that non-profit group is at:

Every time a quilt is sent to a veteran, the Fremont Victory Quilters send a letter to their vet. The veteran is unknown to them, but is invited to drop a note (if they wish) and tell the group a bit about themselves.

The part of the Fremont Victory Quilter letters that literally brought tears to my eyes is: "All of are of different faiths, have varied political beliefs and have strongly differing views on this war, but we united in agreement that our Service men and women should be treated with dignity and kindness. It is with this goal in mind that your quilt was created."

And these quilts are not just any quilts. They are practical and comforting--but also works of art as you can tell from the picture.

More information on the Fremont Victory Quilters is at Facebook:

If you want to see just a few of these lovely quilts, that will eventually be gifted to veterans, take a stroll to 109 W. Main St. in Florence--the antiques capital of Colorado. There is a window display dedicated to these quilters and the veterans in honor of Armed Forces Day.

The Loralie Antique Mall and Boutique is a sponsor of the Fremont Victory Quilters. Loralie Harris, owner of the antique mall and boutique is a well-known textile designer and donates fabric.

And the mall has set up a donation jar at the mall. So feel free to donate some pocket change (or even a more significant cash gift) to the quilters, so they can keep on giving back to the veterans.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Florence, Colorado: St. Patty's Day At The Loralie Antique Mall

Shocking shamrocks. Loopy leprechauns. It's almost time for the wearing of the green and a fantastic St. Patrick's Day in Florence, Colorado--the antiques capital of Colorado.

Like most folks, we celebrate way in advance here--getting in the mood with all things green.

Well, not everything is green in Florence. Except me when I get green around the gills when I think about people not seeing all the green and other fun things in our small, but exceptional burg.

OK, here's what you WON'T find in Florence.

This dog won't be in Florence. But did you know that Florence is one of the most pooch friendly towns? Some of the shops keep dog treats for our four-legged visitors--and even those that don't usually welcome leashed furry friends in the antiques shops. Ask first, but most are pet friendly. And The Loralie Antique Mall at 109 W. Main St. is one of the many businesses that love when customers and browsers bring along a bowser.

At The Loralie Antique Mall, decorating for St. Patrick's Day has just begun--but here's a sneak peek of the window display.

Green, green and more green. I am loving the green church pew and the Handy Andy green tool set. The green picnic basket is pretty cool. And right next to the basket is a vintage tin of lamb livers. I kid you not. If you read the Valentine's post on this blog: All I Want For Valentine's Day Is Some Lamb Livers--you will understand.

You really cannot have to many lamb liver tins or all things green. I love the green pump and enamel bowl. But I'm into funky decor. But you'll never find a tin of lamb livers in my decor. I promise.

Ah, this gorgeous Detroit Jewel stove is part of the St. Patty's Day window at The Loralie. I can just see burning some peaty moss or bog, or whatever they use for fuel in the Emerald Isle.

More green! I like the vintage rake head used as a wine glass holder.

And another rake head used for a rolling pin and some tiny green leprechaun-sized mugs. And a HAPPY St. Patrick's Day greeting!

Green whimsical fabric everywhere! Of course The Loralie Antique Mall has the full collection of fabrics, embroidery and project kits from internationally-known textile designer, Loralie Harris. There are lovely things on hand to not only make the wearing of the green fun, but to make most any crafting, sewing or quilting project anytime of the year.

And that's just the tip of green iceberg of all the antiques, collectibles, fabrics and other enchanting things in store for St. Patrick's Day and beyond at The Loralie Antique Mall.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Florence, Colorado: What's New At The Loralie Antique Mall

There is always something new (and old) in Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado. No one could keep up with all of it, but some of us have to try.

Here's just a little of what's new at The Loralie Antique Mall, 109 W. Main St.

This picture is from one of the mall's newest and most popular vendors. As we like to say in the antiques trade: Hoosier Daddy? Actually we don't say that--we just think it. We say, Hoosier cabinets and they usually sell pretty quickly. Notice the very large dough bowl with a stand. If I told you the price, you'd be amazed. Reasonable! Dough bowls and dough troughs sell quickly in Florence.

Here's some more treasures from this new vendor. Yes, that's a huge bank of post office boxes! And yes, that's a Brach's Candies rack. Sorry, it already sold--for under $50.

More items from one of the newest vendors. Jars, sleds, tools, primitives galore. Notice that well bucket on the table between the sleds. SOLD! But don't worry, they brought in another one. This vendor specializes in farm-fresh primitives and is always bringing in fresh finds at great prices.

This picture is from another vendor's booth. It's the wall of hankies. And these vintage beauties are priced reasonably. Why am I showing the famous WALL OF HANKIES? It will make sense an upcoming blog post why vintage hankies are very useful for an exciting new crafts project.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Florence, Colorado: Taxidermy On Steroids At The Loralie Antique Mall

It's been way too long since I did a Taxidermy On Steroids post.

Most of us know Florence is the antiques capital of Colorado. And those of us who live and work here know it's a quirky, fun and creative place with some of the most interesting things for sale.

A little known fact is that Florence (at one time) had one of the most scary collection of clown collectibles for sale--probably in the known universe. And another little-known fact is there is a dealer in The Loralie Antique Mall (formerly The Iron Gate Antique Mall) that probably has the most interesting selection of taxidermy anywhere, outside of a taxidermy emporium. OK, there probably isn't such a thing as a taxidermy emporium, but dang it--there should be.

No, no, no. This dog is not stuffed. He's just amazed at the selection of Taxidermy On Steroids in Florence.

Leaping lizards! What the heck is that? I have no idea. It would have been too easy (and not as amusing) for me to just read the tag. I'm thinking this would go excellently as part of the decor in a mother-in-law's cottage or perhaps a spare bedroom where you hoped the company would get a hint it was time to move along.

Nothing fishy going on here. Yes, this is actually for sale in The Loralie Antique Mall. But you know what else is for sale? One of those BigMouth Billy Bass things from the 1980s. You know, it's a big rubbery fish on a plaque and you push a button and the fish starts wriggling and singing a song very loudly. Yes, people push the button--and there's no hazard pay working in an antiques mall when a Bass is screaming a song across the dignified mall.

Two birds for the price of one.

Not that long ago a customer filled his van with taxidermy from The Loralie Antique Mall. If you don't think it's hard boxing and wrapping stuffed birds for an out-of-state trip, then you don't know the antiques and collectibles trade. It was especially tough to wrap the bat. Oh my gosh, when I was a young person, I never thought I'd grow up and type the words: It was especially tough to wrap the bat.

Hmmm, this bird looks pretty miffed. He's probably miffed because we had a stuffed bear cub a few months back, but it flew out the door to a new home and the bird is still there.

Ok, this bird is definitely miffed. He's literally giving us the bird. He's turned his back towards us.

Oh, deer.

Well, that's it for this installment of Taxidermy on Steroids. If I were you, I'd get myself down to The Loralie Antique Mall. It's a win-win. Even if you don't purchase anything, it's like a free trip to natural history museum. And if you do purchase, it's a true win-win. You get home or lodge decor that will be conversation pieces and you also get to watch antique mall workers wrap the bat, or lizard or whatever you choose.

Yes, It's True World-Known Textile Designer Loralie Harris Is In Florence, Colorado

Yes, it's true Loralie Harris has arrived in Florence, Colorado. And it's also true what I said in a previous blog post that Florence (for a small burg) might be one of the most exciting towns in Colorado.

On Sept. 1 of 2016, world-known textile designer, Loralie Harris, purchased the building at 109 W. Main St. in Florence that used to house The Iron Gate Antique Mall.

The exciting thing is that everything has stayed the same and yet changed in so many fun ways. How can that be?

Most of the antiques vendors are the same. In fact there are a few new antiques dealers in the mall. But we'll get to that in another blog post.

The employees (dealers at the mall) are still the same.

The attentive customer service and huge selection are still the same.

But what's new is a whole fascinating dimension of fabrics, kits and embroidery from Loralie Designs.

On Oct. 22 the unveiling of the new Loralie Boutique (upstairs) took place during an open house and grand re-opening that over 100 folks attended.

Yes, that's a picture of Loralie Harris and Rena Pryor. Rena is the new manager of The Loralie Antique Mall and Loralie's executive assistant.

I took that picture during the soiree. Yes, that's a Loralie pincushion that is beyond fantastic.

I didn't know who Loralie Harris was when I first met her. But I did a little research and discovered she's quite famous in quilting, sewing, textile and craft circles.

Loralie has a worldwide following.

My first clue of the devotion of her fans came very early when a group of ladies asked me if it was true that Loralie Harris was coming to Florence. The boutique hadn't been completed yet, but I said, it was true.

Some other ladies in The Loralie Antique Mall overheard the good news and went running to other ladies and they literally joined in a circle and started dancing with joy. I'd never seen anything like that. It reminded me of a joyous dance Jewish folks often do at weddings. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

These ladies apparently knew that is exactly the kind of joy and happiness that comes alive in Loralie's designs and creations.

Here's another picture of the Loralie Boutique upstairs taken during the unveiling in October. That's a cutting table. I love the antique iron bed. The cutting table is self serve and customers can cut as little or as much fabric as they desire. But there is also pre-cut fabric available. Sewing fans will know what I mean when I say there is a selection of fat quarters that is dazzling.

And the entire collection of Loralie Designs fabrics is available there. It's the only place that all of the designs are available besides online. Loralie Designs has fabrics in stores across the country, but it is only in Florence, Colorado where all the collection is presented in person.

This was a recent window display at The Loralie Antique Mall. Notice the kitty quilts? Several hundred people did. This adorable kitty fabric is one of the most popular items in the line.

Here's a picture of The Loralie Antique Mall's current window display. Samples of Loralie's aprons and fabric are on display, as well as some of the nifty sewing related antiques available for sale at the mall.

The Loralie Antique Mall is open seven days a week. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 11 to 4 on Sundays.

More information on the all the products the Loralie Designs showcase can be discovered at:

And a visit to Loralie's facebook page takes viewers on a journey of projects people all over the world are creating.

Stay tuned to The Loralie Antique Mall Facebook page at: and this blog. Blog readers will be kept updated on the fun class with Loralie that is in the works and many more happenings at The Loralie Antique Mall.