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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Florence, Colorado: Is A Hip Antiques Capital & That Ain't No PULP Fiction

I've always considered Florence, the antiques capital of Colorado, a beacon of hippery. But I'm old enough to break a hip in a geriatric slip-and-fall and make up questionable words like hippery to amuse myself.

So, I was sitting on my aging keister today at my workplace--The Loralie Antiques Mall at 109 W. Main St. Now, I usually don't admit where I work publicly. NOT because I am ashamed of this fine business--but, alas, I am a bit of a loose canon and don't wish to reflect poorly on such a fine establishment.

Anyway, the manager of the Loralie and I were sitting, ahem, working, and talking about the upcoming car show in May (that is tripling in size from last year) a battle of the bands event coming to Florence and the Steampunk Festival. I was clacking my claws together and exclaiming that our fair burg is finally getting on the map for some pretty awesome events. Actually we were talking about even MORE awesome upcoming events, but I have to work tomorrow and don't have time to list them all.

We were talking about what a fantastic, hip place Florence is. We have great eateries. A new East Indian/Nepalese restaurant opening soon--and on and on. Two new shops just opened. And these events help get out-of-towners to see what we see every day.

And almost the moment we were done getting excited about all these interesting things--right on cue, three young people burst through our door. One had a video camera. They asked if it was OK if they taped. They were so enthused, I said yes, before I totally understood what was going on.

And what was going on was pretty tasty if you ask me. They asked if I had heard of PULP. Of course I have! As the person in the running for the nosiest, um, I mean most inquisitive person in Florence, I know about most media in southern Colorado. And Pulp is a weekly newsmagazine with an edge and objectivity that I've enjoyed every time I go to Pueblo.

Seems PULP is expanding its social media reach for the 18 to 30 crowd, through its Facebook page at: with a new feature entitled, TWIST.

And Florence was chosen as the first subject for, TWIST.

 From l to r: Shanice Penn(co-host); Jordan Cushman (co-host) and Keelan Bailey (cameraman/producer)

Co-hosts of the new PULP-sponsored, TWIST, Shanice Penn and Jordan Cushman; and cameraman Keelan Bailey explained the challenge was for the co-hosts to visit Florence and to find an unusual antique item (for under $25) and having NO idea what the item was. The person who found the most unusual I-don't-know-what-the-heck-it-is item, won. Won what, I have no idea. But I'm all for reverse scavenger hunts that thrill people. And I guess we'll all have to tune into the TWIST at the Facebook page (scheduled for March 6) and see what they won and see more about their adventure in Florence.

Well, I know in part what they won. One heck of a fun time. A customer came up to the counter after they left and said she'd seen them in another store and they were having a blast.

Shanice, Jordan and Keelan all said they were having a great time in Florence and had visited The Pour House Coffee Shop--and thought it was one of the most interesting places with its coffee roaster. True!

I hate to ruin the surprise since Shanice had me hide the tag in the bag for her purchase, since she couldn't know what it was at this time. It's a blow torch! Whew hoo! Great pick on Shanice's part , because all them were on fire, not only with enthusiasm for this new project, but with being true professionals so early in their careers.

And that dear readers is a case of serendipity. We happen to be sitting around the antiques mall saying that Florence is a beacon of hippery, chockful of really remarkable things, people, festivals, eateries, art and culture--and then these young folks show up unannounced and confirm we were correct.

You can learn more about PULP at:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Pour House Coffee Shop: Artist & Community Gathering In Florence, Colorado

I've been telling people for years that they are missing out if they don't live in Florence, Colorado--or at least visit it and enjoy. Why? Because for a town of just about 4,000 there is more going on than in most larger burgs. But it all boils down to world class. Around most every corner, there are world-class artists, antique dealers, a coffee roaster extraordinaire and some culinary delights that are wonderful.

But most importantly, there is a sense of community here. No, not a sense. There is community here.

This blog post, we'll focus on Kenny Paul, that coffee roaster extraordinaire and owner of The Pour House at 202 W. Main St. in Florence.

                                         KENNY PAUL at THE POUR HOUSE COFFEE SHOP

I've only been in Florence a few years, but even I know that the experience, ambience, food and coffee at The Pour House is worthy of a standing ovation.

What some don't know is that The Pour House has a gallery of artwork decorating most every corner of the vintage building. A visit to The Pour House isn't only a treat for the taste buds, it's a treat for the soul.

So imagine my delight when just a few hours ago I discovered that Kenny is hosting their first ever--Artist & Community Gathering at The Pour House, Nov. 12 from 6 to 8 p.m.

I ripped the last flyer, advertising the event, out of his hand. I often do that to people who are passing out flyers in the antiques district--and then I  post the information on this blog. Why? Because I have a great passion for all things local. Shop locally. Thrive locally. Enjoy locally!

                              THE POUR HOUSE COFFEE SHOP at 202 W. Main St., Florence, CO

No worries if this first-ever artist and community gathering comes with too short notice to attend. Kenny noted that this event will happen the second Thursday of every month from 6 to 8 p.m. It's a chance to talk to local artists that display their work at The Pour House, as well as get together as a community.

As if that wasn't enough--The Pour House will be offering complimentary wine from the Vino Salida Wine Cellars.

And really there is even more! Most of us know that besides the world-class coffee at The Pour House, there is also a tasty light menu and baked goods available. Even more! That Truck will be parked outside during the Artist & Community Gathering. will a full menu available. Additionally, That Truck will be at The Pour House every Tuesday from about 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to give Florencians and anyone else fortunate enough to be traveling through our quaint town a chance to enjoy another local culinary experience.

 I haven't had a chance to check out That Truck yet. But I'm pretty sure that if it is a collaboration with The Pour House--it will be fantastic. You can be sure, I will be checking it out and going into my Fremont Foodie review mode in the near future. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, you can be assured readers will be getting an honest (but less than world-class review) from me, because I only came in third place when interviewing for a restaurant review job several years ago at a large Colorado newspaper and also annoyed the heck out of celebrity chef, Lidia Bastianich many years ago in Manhattan.

But don't take my word for it (even though you should). If you've been to The Pour House, you know this is one of Florence's treasures. And if you haven't--you will be delighted. Check out the reviews on Google and other sites for The Pour House. Nearly flawless! As with many things in Florence and Fremont County--it is worth the drive to experience what we are all fortunate enough to experience any time we desire.

More information about That Truck is available at:

And more information about the world-class coffee at The Pour House is available at: